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Trash & Recycling

Trash collection service is provided on a contract basis with LRS (formerly Michiana Recycling & Disposal). The Village bills all residential properties for this service along with water and sewer. Service includes trash, recycling, and large item pick up. Commercial, institutional, industrial and apartment complex properties must make their own arrangements for their refuse disposal service. Please call Village Hall with any issues - 269-445-8648

Trash Pick Up - Every Monday
 Please have trash carts to the street on Sunday night. Trash trucks pick up in the very early morning hours sometimes. A second cart can be added for $5.62/month.
Recycling Pick Up - Every other Monday
See schedule and recycling guidelines below. Recycling carts were delivered in March 2023. Call Village Hall if you would like one.
Large Item Pick Up -Last Monday of each month
Residents must call Village Hall 269-445-8648 ~one week before to be put on the large item pick up list. LRS will only pick up large items from addresses on the list. Only one large item per month.
Spring Clean Up - The Village typically provides dumpsters for residents to utilize in the spring. More info will be available as spring approaches.
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