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NEP 9 Homeowner Grants Open

Neighborhood Enhancement Program (NEP 9)

NEP provides funding for exterior home repairs that improve the visual appearance of the neighborhood. Examples of eligible activities include siding, roofs, doors, windows, porches, and permanent landscaping. FUNDING IS LIMITED AND COMPETITIVE. All grants over $9,999 will result in a 5-year lien on the property.

You may qualify if: 
  • Your house is located in the Village of Cassopolis.
  • Your gross household income is less than 120% Area Median Income (see chart below).
  • Your house is a homeowner occupied single-family home that is affixed to a permanent foundation.
  • You are current on your mortgage and taxes.
  • You have current homeowners insurance.
  • All of your utilities (water, gas, electric) are on.
  • Your property does not have any code violations.
2023 120 AMI Cass County

If selected, homeowner must provide proof of: current payment status on mortgage/land contract payments, taxes, insurance, and verification of income. If selected, homeowner is responsible for obtaining quotes from state licensed & insured contractors. Additional documentation may be necessary.

Applications are due by May 31, 2024.

Please turn completed application into Village Hall or email to hbrown@cassopolis-mi.us

2024 NEP Round 9 Application